I write these letters, and then publish them, to promote honesty. Honesty if not with others, at least with ourselves. It’s not always easy to admit the truth about how you feel or what you want but once you break through your fear the truth can flow out and as they say…set you free. Once you stand face-to-face with the truth, you’re free to embrace it, change it, or share it.

Some of these letters I have sent to their original recipient and some I have not, but in either case I will keep my identity and the recipients’ identities a mystery. I have chosen anonymity for many reasons including my hope that when you read these letters you will be able to imagine yourself as the writer and as the recipient. You might just read something you’ve needed to say or something you’ve needed to hear. Ultimately, these letters aren’t just for me and their original recipients, they’re for you and anyone who can find within them something true.

To tell you some honest things about myself, I’m a regular, twenty-something, middle-class female with a boyfriend and a college-education. Maybe I’m just like you or like someone you know. But here on this site, the most important thing about me is that I’m honest.