I want to be real with you. But sometimes real means sad or angry or confused. In real life you go through good and bad and sometimes it might be bad for a while. Still, even when life is ugly and tough to handle there’s something beautiful about it. It’s not the glamorous life we’re taught to praise and lust after full of laughs and friends, but I don’t want that with you because the good times are only half of a real and full life. I want a real life, and I want it with you.

When things are bad, I want you to be there to comfort me or be upset too or talk it out just like I want you there smiling next to me when things are good. Life can’t be just one way; I can’t be just one way. If you want everything, and that’s what you deserve, if you want true intimacy and connection, we have to be there for each other through anything, whether we can fully understand what the other person is going through or not. I won’t abandon you. But most importantly, I won’t expect you to be just one way. You will change, in good ways and in bad, but I will accept you through it all. At your worst and at your best, my feelings and my support won’t waver. Of course, when I’m at my worst it won’t be easy to see, but my love is still there.

In many ways we are taught that the best relationships are always full of high-spirited and care-free laughter, but people that connect in a way so permanent, so indivisible, that you become a part of each other, stand together to face every aspect of life. That’s what it is to truly share this experience. And life’s that way too. The best lives tell a story of hope and triumph, but also have chapters of downfall and doubt. Without hardship, there would be no trial, beautifully and heroically overcome. There would be no pheonix, stronger than ever before, rising from the ashes. Our lives, our life together, will test us as people and as a pair, but if we turn to each other, rather than away, in times of trouble, we will rise. We will become stronger. Don’t fear the dark nights to come for, let’s be real, they will only make us burn brighter.

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