This time I’m writing you, not with something you need to hear, but with something I need to say…to someone.

Sometimes it’s easy to be happy. It’s easy to ignore the bad things, the imperfections and just enjoy the beautiful things. But sometimes it’s really hard to forget the sad things, the difficult things, the thing they said or the thing you lost. It’s much easier to be sad. In fact, it feels like you have to be, like it’s the only option. In your mind you know it’s not. But in your heart it feels like it is.

I’m not asking you to help me, to make this feeling go away, because maybe it’s not wrong to feel this way sometimes. Maybe it’s necessary in order to appreciate those other moments. It scares me but sometimes I feel like it’s right to be sad and to appreciate bad moments for their power over us, as long as we don’t let them defeat us. I’m compelled to give anger and sadness some respect but I don’t want to spread them to the world around me, to you. For me though, I think I might need to accept the unpleasant feelings and experience them to let them go. This world isn’t always black and white but there’s definitely some black and there’s definitely some white. There’s terrible realities and there’s unbelievable beauty and triumph too. Sometimes one takes hold of you, and that’s a part of this human life. I’m not sure I have any real idea why things have to be this way but I’m resolved to accept it because for me that’s the only way I can begin to control how I feel. I just hope that I never forget to appreciate every beautiful moment and most importantly practice creating my own beauty and happiness for myself and those who cross my path. Thanks for being there for me, in good times and bad.

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