You’ve been the best friend. Not just to me but to everyone you let in. But all that love can’t be given away. Some you have to keep for yourself.

You can’t just seek love from us. We aren’t good enough for you. We can’t give you everything you need or everything you deserve – the affirmation, the attention, the support. Not to mention, we can never know what you need in the same way that you can, if you just pay attention and get to know yourself. You deserve that. You deserve someone who can be there all the time. And no one can always be there…except you.

You can do this on you own. Get through the hard times, make the big decisions, celebrate accomplishments. You’re right, you shouldn’t always have to, but you can. You’re strong. And sharing some of your love with yourself will only make you stronger. Be there for yourself in the way you’re always there for everyone else. You deserve the time and effort.

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