As I look back on this closing chapter of my life I see the immense change I have undergone. And I am proud of where it has brought me and who I am today. When I think of who I owe for the things I have learned I think less of the teachers and potential mentors but of my peers and friends. And you stand out among them.

You are a sparkling collage of deep insights, explicit humor, and self-less friendship – living proof that people are beautiful complexities. You repeatedly challenge not only my thoughts, but my way of thinking. You have given me the very difficult to find type of relationship that both motivates growth and provides honest acceptance. As I’ve watched you grow and live over the last few years, I have seen an epic balance of care-free fun and hard work – indicative of strong values and self-awareness. Your confidence in who you are today stands together with the intention that defines your actions and that makes them always sincere and true. Though I have seen you make mistakes, you have grown from them each time, not fearing to look back on them but consciously doing so to learn and improve and accept. You are an inspiration, not because you are perfect, but for your unique and admirable approach to every day.

In the coming years, I fully expect you to impress, dazzle, and find exciting new pieces of who you are. Thank you for all your conscious decisions that have allowed you to become part of me.

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